Carpet Fibers

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Good resilience, outstanding resistance to abrasion, good texture retention, good clean ability and clear colors. Most nylons are treated to be permanently stain and static resistant for excellent soil resistance, ease of cleaning and appearance retention. It’s resistance to matting and wear and available in more colors and style than any other fiber.


Naturally resistance to static electricity, moisture, mildew, soil and stain. Virtually non-absorbent (hydrophobic), so solution dyeing is the only way to color the fiber. It’s inexpensive, abrasion resistance, and fade resistant and low static.


It has luxurious appearance and good performance qualities. The scales keep dust and dirt near the surface of carpet pile. Wool is naturally flame resistant, forming a char that will neither melt nor drip


Good resistance to abrasion, very good resilience, naturally stain resistant, and more like wool than any other synthetic. Polyester feels soft and styling appearance retention. It’s the most recyclable fiber and it has highest melting point.


Blends are simply a mix of two or more of the basic fibers. Blends pick up some of the characteristics and advantages of all fibers in the blend.