Carpet Care Tips

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Frequent vacuuming with a beater bar type vacuum will prolong the life of the carpet. A good practice is to vacuum often the areas that receive the most traffic. Removing loose soil while it remains on the surface is important so that it is not go into the carpet pile by foot traffic. Vacuuming should be done even when soil is not visible. Vacuum cleaners with brush or beater action more recommended. Try always vacuuming in all directions. For the best cleaning results, the vacuum should be inspected periodically to be sure it is functioning properly.

The carpet should be checked often for spots and spills. Staining is a function of time and temperature and the hotter and/or longer a spill is left on a carpet, the greater the chance it will become permanent. Lifting or blotting the excess can easily remove most common spots. Treating the spot immediately with plain water or spotters containing mild (PH range of 5-9) diluted detergents that do not leave residue.

residues, do not use excess detergent. The residue from the cleaning solution must dry and cloth. Blot toward the center of the spot. Do not rub because rubbing will fuzz carpet tips. To remove all detergent, rinse the spot with a slightly acidic solution of water and vinegar.
Each fiber manufacturer has recommended procedures for identifying and removing specific stains. Most manufacturers recommend the hot water or sometimes-called “steam cleaning” method when cleaning carpets. Risks of the unprofessional person doing it is over-wetting can cause shrinkage, rapid re-soiling, mildew, de laminating, not having a powerful enough vacuum system on the cleaning machine, not getting the water hot enough and inappropriate or excessive use of alkaline detergents can cause damage to the colors in a carpet.