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    Stone Finishes

    This surface is very smooth and not very porous. The reflectivity of polished crystals brings out the brilliant colors and grains of natural stone. The shine comes from the natural reflection of the stones crystals. Polishing bricks and polishing powders that are used during fabrication provide the polish…

    House renovation Lake Forest, CA

    Stone Types

    Granite: Granite crystallizes from magma that cools slowly, deep below the earth’s surface. Exceptionally slow rates of cooling give rise to a very coarse-grained variety called pegmatite. Granite used to identify a group of minerals that often contains Quartz, Feldspar, Plagioclase, etc and is igneous…

    Stone Care Tips

    Proper maintenance is crucial. Natural stone products are porous by nature and require a different maintenance program than ceramic tile. Sealing is recommended for newly installed stone to provide maximum below surface stain protection. Be sure to select a high quality sealer to protect the stone. A natural look penetrating sealer is the normal choice on polished…