Scratch & Slip Resistance

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Scratch Resistance

MOHS scale used to test and rate ceramic tile glaze for resistance to scratching. The scale uses a 1 to 10 rating; “1”is the softest and “10” is hardest on the scale.Tile with a value of 4 to 6 is suitable for most residential floor tile and with a value of 7 or higher is normally recommended for commercial.

Slip Resistance

Tile used on commercial and residential floors should provide a safe walking surface in both wet and dry conditions. To measure the slip resistance of various ceramic tile surfaces, an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing Procedure is used to establish a quantitative value rating to the tile, referred to as the “coefficient of friction”.
The coefficient of friction of a tile is a numerical index rating. The higher the index number, the higher the slip resistance of the tile in either wet and/or dry conditions.